Laura's Great Easter Egg Hunt 25.3. - 28.3.2016

Great Thank You to all of you who participated in our (from now on) annual Laura's Great Easter Egg Hunt.

All today's eggs in both shops have now been found and prizes claimed.

It was a huge job, and there where some glitches, but in the end in went well.

We've had so many messages, like and other support, and it was so much fun, that we have decided to make Laura's Great Easter Egg Hunt a tradition. Next year there will be more eggs to hunt and more prizes to claim.

We will start shipping the physical prizes tomorrow. We do have 128 prizes to ship, in addition to all orders we have received during the Easter, so we may not get every prize shipped tomorrow, but we sure will try.

A Great Big Hug and a Thank You to you all from Laura & her team.

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